Surviving Cancer And Climbing Kilimanjaro – My Will To Take A Chance

If you’re willing to put in the effort and willing to risk the failure, you are more than capable if you’re willing to take the chance. This Cloud Walker dared to accept a challenge. He wanted to try something, unlike any other challenge he had attempted before. With a solid community of support and the right forearm […]

Posted On: 2017-06-16

What to Pack for Your Next Reebok Spartan Race

Our team’s packing list for the Reebok Spartan Race So, you’re signed up to do the Reebok Spartan Race. Whether you’re an adaptive athlete or not, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Now what the heck do I wear?!” …Or maybe not. Either way, it’s best to arrive prepared. Bart and Kerith at SideStix, made this handy video […]

Posted On: 2017-06-06

How to Normalize Disability And Still Be Inspirational

You are so inspirational? I must say, I still get surprised when someone taps me on the shoulder at the grocery store and says, “My, look at you, one leg, driving and shopping all by yourself. You are so inspirational!” The fact is, shopping does not require a lot of courage on my part. I […]

Posted On: 2017-06-01

3 Step Training Guide for the Spartan Race

Let the training begin! Listen up, Spartans! We’ve got some very awesome team members training with us for the upcoming Spartan Race​, like Oliver here. Oliver​ makes videos. His videos are badass! Related Posts   

Posted On: 2017-05-25

Where is Disneyland for Amputees?

At the time that we recorded this interview, Andrew was training for a Spartan Race taking place in Sun Peaks… Now he is a part of our “Defy Convention” Spartan Team. We will be racing this June 2017, in North Vancouver. Was he the one that gave us the little push we needed? Did he […]

Posted On: 2017-05-09

Introducing Team Defy Convention – Spartans in Training

Team Defy Convention is coming to a Spartan Race near you! Actually, truth be told, everyone is coming to us… You see we have team members traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia, to participate in a Spartan Sprint this June! We’ve got a couple members coming all the way from London, England! That is a 7587 […]

Posted On: 2017-05-01