How to Dodge Satan – A Special Forces Veteran Talks Luck & Attitude

When you dodge multiple bombings, beat cancer three times, and conquer mountains… We’d have to say, “Yeah Mr. Laurie, you really are giving Satan a run for his money!”. When we asked David what his secret power was, he told us it’s all in his head! His power is a positive mental attitude. How did […]

Posted On: 2017-10-05

It Only Takes One Person

It takes only one person, one decision to change your life forever. If you are lucky, like me, you will be surrounded by a loving family and individuals who have a sense of community. The support we receive along the way helps enable us to reach our potential and for some, become outstanding people. In […]

Posted On: 2017-09-28

If You Believe, You Can Fly

“This is what I believe.” What are the odds of a poor Ethiopian boy finding a person who believed in them so much that they would go out of their way to help that boy? To find the sponsors and surgeons who would some day help that young man achieve great records? Regardless of faith […]

Posted On: 2017-08-30

How to Change Your Life – #1 Get off the Couch

Change is Hard and Change is Good! I knew I needed to change my life in order to remain healthy after I lost my leg. Only poorly made aluminum crutches with plastic grips existed. The pain in my wrist and the sound of clinking and clacking as I made my way forward, only amplified my […]

Posted On: 2017-08-24

That Feeling – Waiting for the Race to Start

“That feeling. All that power amongst hundreds of people.” We got back in touch with Marianne last year, after almost 5 years as a SideStix user. Funny enough, we found a video of Marianne online sponsored by Jabra. This really peaked our interest. After a little social media digging, we found her on Facebook. It […]

Posted On: 2017-08-10

Why Old Habits Die Hard – Not Your Jagger Kind of Habits

Our patterns of negative thinking are often based on unhelpful, well-practiced, old habits. “I’m not that bad!” That’s what my mom would say about not wanting to use a wheelchair at the mall after her stoke. She’d say, “Just help me to that bench and I’ll sit.” It was a lot of work to run back […]

Posted On: 2017-07-27