4 Ladies With Empowered Disability – What does it mean to Stand Out?

Empowered Women Choose to Stand Out… with their Disability What does it mean to “Stand Out” as an empowered woman, who happens to have a disability? We asked four women who embrace their disability and use it to make a difference for others. Here are their thoughts. A post shared by Mama Cāx (@mamacaxx) on […]

Posted On: 2017-04-24

How I Found My Passion – Sarah Doherty’s Path

Passion Found Me If I can be truthful, I don’t think I ever ‘found’ passion. Instead, passion found me. I’ve always thought passion was a mindset and feeling you discover passively. Perhaps if you ponder what you believe, you’d eventually get that ‘fire in the belly’ and have passion. But, I have learned, passion can […]

Posted On: 2017-04-24

A Spartan Champion’s Message to Fellow Athletes – No Limitations

I want to show people that there are no limitations to pursuing what they love – Matt Pevoto We’ve featured many SideStix users, over the years who love themselves a good Spartan Race. Matt is definitely one of those Spartans. His drive and dedication to Defy Convention not only for himself but for aspiring athletes around […]

Posted On: 2017-04-03

Lessons in Resilience and Embracing Disability

Here’s what I’ve learned about Resilience. Changes, whether predicable as the seasons, or unexpected as an accident, diagnosis or disappointment, require resilience. As I reflect over the last busy months of my life, I have witnessed wounded soldiers, individuals and families, coming to terms with traumatic loss or gradual disability. These people have risen to […]

Posted On: 2017-03-30

How To Get Over Underarm Crutches

, This past holiday season I have done an unscientific yet conclusive comparison between Sidestix forearm crutches (aka elbow crutches) and a set of underarm crutches. Full disclosure, before this taste test drive I did not use crutches or have mobility issues. Well, other than spending too much time watching on Netflix. T’was late December […]

Posted On: 2017-03-23

How to Improve Your Luck – No Four-leaf Clover Required

Was it Luck? You could call it a chance encounter, a coincidence, fate, but I still think having Melvin Tong as our first customer to purchase SideStix hours after we launched our website in 2010, was a lucky sign for SideStix. He like I, is an identical twin, an amputee and had the desire to climb […]

Posted On: 2017-03-16