Are we prepared for 20 years of change?

Sarah Doherty - 20 Years of Change

Ever wonder what the world be like in 20 years? Will we have clean water, air, social and economic justice? Here in North America (yes, Canada too) with the US election around the corner, we’re all beginning to question the ‘status quo’ on human rights, equality and environmental issues. What will the next 4 years bring?

Every significant and meaningful change in this world starts with people joining together in ‘purposeful conversation’ and questioning what is. I have a lot of hope for the future as we wake up to the small, but significant changes in cultural perceptions… the positive changes.

Throughout the web, with social media and numerous blogs, many sites including SideStix, motivate individuals to question the ‘status quo’ of social prejudice. Especially through social networks, you can find groups emerging and growing with a community of like-minded individuals.

At SideStix, our community stands for ‘Defy Convention’. Here, individuals can find the inspiration they need to challenge cultural biases, common perceptions on disabilities and the use of proper mobility devices.

Whether navigating the world of mobility challenges, disability rights or choosing a president for our country, purposeful conversations – based on critical thinking – are essential in any positive change we help create.

We can see a real positive shift in the world of disability, as more of us ‘Defy Convention’. We are climbing mountains, excelling in sports (previously thought unaccessible), and staying mobile into our old age. By sharing our stories, we as pioneers, inspire others to do the same.

In 20 years, my hope is that active, engaged individuals with disabilities will not be novel.

Personally, I will always be inspired by individuals who question the ‘status quo’. Whether it is the individual who shows determination and perseverance towards a single worthy goal, the artist, the scientist, or the presence of a wise soul. Those who, in their wholesomeness, show me how to remain truthful to my vulnerability and embrace self acceptance, are my biggest inspiration.



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