7 Simple Ways to Live Well

Live Well

Living well and striving to be healthy is a choice. Whether you have suffered from a great loss, heart disease, mobility challenges or chronic health problems. You can take an active role to positively impact the quality of your life and longevity by doing some simple things:

  1. Going outside (getting a vitamin D ‘fix’ and connecting with nature reduces blood pressure)
  2. Volunteering (gives you a sense of purpose outside yourself and reduces blood pressure)
  3. Staying connected (hanging out with friends and having meaningful relationships)
  4. Exercise – at least 30 minutes every day (improves sleep, energy level, strength and helps reduce weight)
  5. Eat well (lots of veggies and antioxidants.) Apples, asparagus or even a glass of wine, are all high in quercetin, a flavonoid that kills off senescent cells that accelerate ageing. Remember what you eat can build you up or knock you down.
  6. Turn up the music (brings people back to their happy place)
  7. Mediate, practice yoga or spending quiet time alone.

When SideStix was imagined, our mandate was to focus on quality of life. To inspire users to remain ‘ageless’ by staying strong, healthy, happy and connected. We believe that connecting to the outdoors and nature, brings vitality and enriches one’s spirit. Taking that first step requires courage, but the benefits are undeniable and if you need a ‘helping hand’ we have some great tools to make your journey a little easier.

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