7 Ways to Use Your Stix

1. Fording streams

Laugh your way across that shallow stream of water. One dry foot is better than one wet foot?

2. Purse holder

For those of you who carry “all the things” and a small dog in your handbag. Isn’t it nice to take a load off? Your Stix can help with that.

3. Spear fishing

Our Ice Pick attachments make for great spear fishing… for those times you leave your fishing spears at home… yeah.

4. Lawn aeration tools

Who wants to spend big bucks on landscaping when you can pull out your winter Ice Spindle accessories and get’er done the classy way? Oh man, your neighbours will be so envious!

5. Flag pole extension

Show that patriotic pride with your country’s flag by attaching it to the end of one (not recommended to use both) of your Stix. Duck tape and flag sold separately.

6. Traffic Control

So, we discovered that reflective tape or neon wraps work best for this purpose, however you may want to watch out for actual traffic police as they don’t take too kindly to this activity.

7. Snow Mapping

Sure they’re no “Crop Circles” but we found that our Stix make wonderful circle designs in the snow. Although, using the snowshoes made traveling in the snow much easier, they just didn’t get the right angle we were going for in our artist endeavor.

Amanda Webster SideStix


*This was a collaborative post with Sarah and the team
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