Knowing Your Worth

Phil Burman knows his worth. He values his health, and knows he can remain comfortable and active with the right equipment. Last January he suffered a telemark ski injury that would leave him on crutches for six months. Phil didn’t hesitate to trade in his hospital-issued crutches to purchase a pair of entry-level SideStix. “The […]

Posted On: 2022-05-06

There’s Snow Place Like Home

Leanna Bouma likes to take on a challenge. It doesn’t matter the outcome. This talented 21-year-old skier, born with spina bifida, is a risk-taker with a lifetime of practice. She has found fertile ground in creatively meeting one challenge after another by adapting, in order to fully participate in life.  Leanna is a true Alaskan […]

Posted On: 2022-04-01

Walking the Walk

Cancer sucks – and reoccurring cancer sucks even more. It can be hard to push through, but Keran Villis has found a way to do it. Her strength and inspiration come from the children in her life, including one with terminal brain cancer. Children have the capacity to accept and adapt to the limitations in […]

Posted On: 2022-03-11

Finding Passion in Everything

Jeff Quelet prides himself on being a passionate man. He brings passion to everything he does, from work to family life, and everything in between.  Jeff is a high level above knee amputee, having lost his leg to cancer at age 10. This year will mark 40 years since his diagnosis and amputation, and Jeff […]

Posted On: 2022-02-04

Happy 2022!

Can the light in one person be enough to change a world? We think so. It’s certainly enough to change our world at SideStix. We want to thank our SideStix community for sharing their stories with us. Every testimony received is a bright moment in our day. Your stories of adapting and rediscovering life inspire […]

Posted On: 2022-01-07

Hope is an Action

This piece was written by Nelson Quong, a member of our SideStix family and a previous Ambassador of the Month. For more about Nelson and his story, read his interview here.  When I was first looking for crutches, I was looking for something that could not only help bear my weight and help me walk […]

Posted On: 2021-12-03