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Swimming in Cape Breton

“I am the swimmer as part of a team triathlon here in Belle Cote, Cape Breton. Here are some photos of the start, during, finish and getting ready for the climb through the rocks using my Sidestix to the finish line.”

We asked long-time customer and very faithful SideStix advocate, Teena Marie Johns, a few questions about what it’s like in the life of a wonderful SideStix Ambassador… These are her responses. 

What challenges your mobility?

Teena Marie – Multiple Sclerosis has challenged my mobility since 1998. In 2008, my walking began to be compromised. I used hiking poles for several years until I discovered Sidestix.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Teena Marie – That would have to be swimming to Margaree Island off the coast of northern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. As well as lending a helping hand to those around me, and being able to give back some of the kindness that has been extended towards me.

Do you have a passion in life?

Teena Marie – Swimming! Also, I love being a nurse. I started my first nursing job at 19 and have never looked back. Being close to patients and caring for them is such a gift. In fact, MS has made me a better nurse! I currently work as a research nurse in pediatric infectious disease.

Being true to my word is also major passion.

What is your favorite thing about SideStix?

Teena Marie – They get me places which would otherwise be difficult to discover, such as climbing over rocks to the beach or sliding along with my skis. They give me the confidence that I won’t fall.

And I love the amazing customer support from Kerith, Sarah and Stephanie!

Do you have a message for our community?

Never say never, keep moving, laugh every day, be grateful.Twitter_blue

Race in Cape Breton


Name – Teena Marie Johns
Age – 58
Location – Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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