How I Became Superhuman

Speaking of “Superhuman”, during their recent trip to the 2016 No Barriers Summit in Colorado, Sarah and Kerith had the pleasure of meeting September’s Ambassador of the Month, Miss Nerissa Cannon.

Not long after meeting Nerissa in person, we had the opportunity to have a video chat with her via Google Hangouts. We were able to ask the usual AOM questions, except that this time, the answers that we received (and afterwards transcribed) were a little less “scripted.”

What does Defy Convention mean to you?

Nerissa – Exceeding other people’s expectations. Whether you are disabled or able bodied, other people tend to put limitations on what they think you are able of. So, Defy Convention I say, would be surpassing those limitations that other people have of you.

Do you have a passion in life, and if so, can you describe a little bit about that?

Nerissa – My first love was theatre. Everything having to do with live theatre. I felt most complete in a theatre… but when life took me away from theatre, I had to redefine myself and I’m actually really grateful for that now. Because of that, I found a new passion, and that would be being outdoors. Any time I’m outdoors, and pushing myself it makes me feel most alive.

What is your favorite thing about your SideStix?

Nerissa – The fact that I have a reduced recovery time after doing an activity. The support they give allows me to recover much much afterwards. I have never experienced anything even remotely like it with any other piece of mobility device I have ever used. Instead of spending three days recovering, maybe it’s only one day, and then I’m back! It’s the difference between time spent on the couch and time spent on the mountain.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Nerissa – Unplugging from all things electronic and being completely unreachable! There are so many different kinds of perfect days but it’s really what you get out of it… I mean when I was skiing for example, I spent an entire winter working up on the mountain, five days a week, all day and in all different kinds of weather. There are so many perfect days, I think it’s more about what you take out of it than specifically what happens to you.

Nerissa Cannon - Superhuman

What are your top five ways of getting motivated?

Nerissa – Those would have to be:

  1. My Dog – He’s the reason for me getting up and going every morning. He loves to get going!
  2. Doing things that inspire me – Being outdoors, in theatre, or dancing.
  3. Being with others who like doing the same things. Keeping each other motivated.
  4. Feeling connected to something that is bigger than you.

Do you have a message you’d like to share with other crutch users?

Nerissa – Don’t see your mobility equipment as the hinderance. Any tool you use, that “tool” is what is allowing you to push yourself. Some people actually call me Superhuman now… with all of the equipment that I’ve used. It’s like being able to see myself as though I’m Batman. He is super because of the equipment he uses. They (those tools) allow you to push yourself further than maybe you could do before!



Name: Nerissa Cannon
Location: Colorado, USA

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