How We Defy Convention Vol. 05

Defy Convention

This month’s Defy Convention we’re keeping it in the family. Yeah, our family spans across seven continents… And we’ve reached the summits of dozens of the tallest mountains in the world… And sure, we’re sailing across seas now too…

Ok, ok. We’re kind of a big deal, don’t you think?

Imja Tse

1. SideStix pays tribute to Imja Tse

We’re a little biased, because everything our community does is AWESOME. Just take a look at Julia Baumgart for example, she decided that climbing up to Everest Base Camp would be a nice challenge. A “nice” challenge?! Seriously, this woman is out of control. We’re in love.

Here’s a little snippet of what Julia said to us just over a year ago. “Every mountain top is within reach, if you just keep climbing. I believe that having an extra hurdle does not matter at all, as long as you have a dream, a goal and as long as you are willing to take a step out of the comfort zone following that dream or goal.” Love.

The Heroes Project

2. Operation 7 Summits – Mission Complete

The Heroes Project, Tim Medvetz and Charlie Linville.  summited Everest 31 years to the day Sarah Doherty stood on top of Denali. Charlie became the first disabled Vet to do so and Sarah was the first amputee to do so.

Four of these 7 Summits saw the likes of SideStix at their peak. They will again.

3. An Architectural Tour with SideStix

What does architecture and SideStix have in common? This guy! And, some other brilliant engineers…

Meet 23 year Oliver Lam Watson who is currently completing his Masters in Architecture. He just so happens to make short movies of all the places that he visits. His Stix have the supporting role of course. Check out his videos and subscribe to his channel here.

Rio paralympics

4. Defy the Sea

We wrote a little bit about our friend Jackie and was she is up to in the post “Representing Canada: 2016 Rio Paralympics” so have a little read and send her your support!

Hugh Herr

5. Princess of Asturias Awards

American bionic limb specialist Hugh Herr won Spain’s Princess of Asturias 2016 Scientific Research Award, in recognition of his work to improve mobility for people with “disabilities”.

Until there is something better that can interface between the prosthetic socket and amputee, skin will always be vulnerable to over use in hot and demanding conditions. SideStix helps Hugh reduce weight in his sockets which interfaces with his skin to protect his stumps for longer hikes and demanding rock climbs.


Amanda Webster SideStix

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