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valley of the ten peaks

It’s no surprise that Squamish’s tagline is “Hardwired for Adventure”. Visitors from across Canada and abroad flock to Squamish all year round. With legendary trails, world renowned climbing, and spectacular views, you can’t blame this place for breeding adventure-seeking millennials like our AOM, Alex Cairns.

We decided to ask Canadian Paralympian, Alex Cairns to share a little bit about his story, his passions, and why he loves his Stix!

What challenges your mobility and how do you overcome this challenge?

Alex – I was born with Spina Bifida at the L4,5 level which means I am mostly paralyzed below the knees. There are still a lot of doors left open to me, as far as walking with crutches, kayaking, skiing and mountain biking.

What does “Defy Convention” mean to you?

Alex – Defying convention to me, means you are correcting an assumption.

Spina Bifida Sqwamish

Do you have a passion in life and if so, can you describe a little about it?

Alex – I have a few passions, I can narrow them down to two though. I currently race for the Canadian ParaAlpine ski team which is almost an endless search for improvement. The other being exploration, in activities and in the literal term of seeing new places.

Para-Alpine Sqwamish

What’s your favorite thing about your SideStix?

Alex – They’re really light! And the suspension means I can travel a lot further before my wrists give out.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Alex – 20cm of fresh snow followed by a river lap kayaking with friends and then crutching up to a spot above Squamish, so that I can try (way too hard) to get a good picture of the sunset.

What are your top 4 favourite ways to stay motivated?

Alex –

  1. Being outisde with friends
  2. Good weather
  3. Opportunities for adventures
  4. Memories from watching the sitskiers in 2010

Do you have a message for other crutch users?

The right answer is usually “go”.

Spina Bifida


Name: Alex Cairns
Age: 24
Location: Squamish B.C.

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