How my positive attitude saved my life.

It’s all about the attitude.

Talking to Russell about the power of a positive attitude, was one of those calls that you knew you’d be sharing with everyone you know the next day. His overall positivity, his smile, and his honesty were intoxicating.

Although, that’s the point right? Because, if we can share a story with someone, and really touch their heart… we’ll know that we’ve made a difference. Even a small difference, for someone.

What does Defy Convention mean to you?

Russell – I’m always striving to push my limits and achieve as much as I can. Whether it involves ambulating around, or success in business, success in my family life… SideStix has really allowed me to do that. Kind of take it to the next step.

What would “the next step” look like?

Russell – For instance, this summer when I hiked Sulphur Mountain in Banff. When we got to the bottom of the mountain, I was really surprised. Someone had told me that the hike was 1.8kms but really it ended up being 5.5kms and we did it in 2.5 hours time. I felt like Superman when I got to the top of that mountain! I’ve never done anything like that before, it made me really happy. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment doing that.

Russ Brown Attitude

You must have inspired a lot of people, summiting that mountain.

Russell – You know, I am approached by people a lot who tell me I am an inspiration to them. I usually correct them, because I really don’t want to be an inspiration, I would rather be a motivation. Me being able to motivate other people who look at me as someone with issues, does actually makes me feel good. I know it bothers a lot of other people but it makes me feel good.

Do you have a message for other crutch users or people who use other ambulatory walking devices?

Russell – I’m not sure… I really can’t say enough about SideStix and what your product has allowed me to accomplish. This quality is great. I’m going to be a lifetime crutch user but I have only been using crutches for 3 years. For about 6 months of that I had the drug store aluminum underarm crutches that almost crippled me from shoulder pain in about 4 months time. On the other hand, my SideStix have allowed me to stay in shape and really move around in an unlimited fashion.


What is your definition of a great day?

Russell – A great day is really being able to move along and do what I want to do, and not be limited by my mobility issues.

I decided very early on, when I found out that I was going to have an amputation, that I wasn’t going to crawl into a closet and give up. I wasn’t going to let my kids see that. So, hopefully my day to day positive attitude is a motivation for my kids and for other people I meet.

It’s all about the attitude.

Russ Brown Attitude


Name: Russell Brown
Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania



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