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Well, I have to admit I am a sucker for email subscriptions, especially from those entrepreneurs and start-up companies that I feel are making a huge impact in their space. Two companies I follow (and LOVE what they have to say) would be the radical girls over at THINX <<< Be warned these girls are on a mission and they’re up to rock the world one period at a time. Also, I follow Tim Ferriss’ blog over at the 4-Hour Work Week, which if you know anything about this man, you know that even the kind of coffee he drinks is interesting.

Once a week these guys send out 5 inspiring, newsworthy, links to groups in their community who are essentially “defying convention”. This got our team at SideStix thinking… We’re connected to a HUGE community of disruptors.

In the SideStix community, we’ve got those who overcome their own personal limitations, negative perceptions from others, and discrimination because of their “dis-ability” on a weekly, daily and hourly basis!

So this is the beginning of How We Defy Convention. Here are 5 awesome links to articles, photos, and stories that we found to be inspiring. We hope you think so too!

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1. Diversity Song

What better way to tell all the haters to shove it, than a simple “You can kiss my ass”. Bam! We love how funny, sexy, and smooth sounding this video is… Asta Philpot wins with this Diversity Song!


SideStix_Mt. Kilimanjaro_Defy Convention

2. Cory Torres

Early January Cory Torres summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with SideStix. This epic mission was brought together by SAAF and their seriously badass leader Mona. Check out their team’s blog for proof of the awesomeness that ensued.


War Veterans

3. Tattooed War Veterans

Probably NSFW… but wow. Just wow. We found the full story over on Tattoodo and all I would like to say is, Thank YOU Mr. Michael Stokes.


SideStix_Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

4. Disney’s Elsa model sporting forearm crutches

What is even better than this Target ad for Halloween costumes using a little girl with her forearm crutches, is what this mom had to say about the impact this ad had for her 5 year old daughter.


Sphero's BB8

Photo credit

5. Defy The Power of the Force

This is purely to appeal to all of us Star Wars fans. Tech company Sphero is releasing their robotic toy BB-8 to the public this fall 2016. Yes, you can have your very own Droid!!!

….Kerith, can we get one?! Can we?


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