Lessons in Resilience and Embracing Disability

Here’s what I’ve learned about Resilience.

Changes, whether predicable as the seasons, or unexpected as an accident, diagnosis or disappointment, require resilience. As I reflect over the last busy months of my life, I have witnessed wounded soldiers, individuals and families, coming to terms with traumatic loss or gradual disability.

These people have risen to the challenge of embracing change. Regardless of walk of life, they have demonstrated true resilience by having a strong sense of purpose, strength of character and by taking responsibility for how they are going to act and react to situations out of their control.

Life is a journey through changing landscapes. I continue to witness the power of the dreaming spirit in individuals who embrace this change and seek to see the positive in any situation.

They are reclaiming the simple joys of living fully and wish to accomplish great things by saying “YES” to their new normal. Without a doubt, confidence, taking responsibility for one’s life and having a sense of humour, are the underpinnings of resilience.

A very heartfelt thank you to Paul Pisko for sharing his featured video with us.



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