Meet Our Production Technician – Forrest Riesco

Meet SideStix Forrest Riesco

When we work with people who are passionate, active and adventurous, magical things happen. Some call it “flow”. Some would say, we “feed off” of each other’s energy. What we do know, is that having the opportunity to work alongside a Production Technician like Forrest Riesco, makes us feel pretty darn lucky.

We asked Forrest what it is like working with us, as well as a few other fun questions.

What does Defy Convention mean to you?

Forrest – To me ‘defy convention’ means not being limited by preconceived expectations or what other people have said is or isn’t possible.   

What is your favorite thing about working with the SideStix team?

Forrest – The best part about working at SideStix is how you are encouraged to innovate and always be thinking of better and more efficient ways of doing things.  

Tell us about your funniest outdoors experience?

Forrest – One funny outdoors experience would be the time I went on a snow camping trip with my Dad and sister.  We went up Dakota ridge and hiked in for an hour or so, until we found a little hill where we thought we could dig in a snow cave, which we were far from experts at… The snow was a bit wet, but we managed to make a hole big enough for all three of us. That was until about halfway through the night when we woke up and the wet snow that made up the roof had drooped down to only inches away from our noses.  I really don’t like small spaces and so that was too claustrophobic for me.  My dad and I crawled out and laid down a tarp on a flat spot outside.  Then we slid my sister, curled up in her sleeping bag, out of the cave and up to the clearing.  We wrapped ourselves in emergency blankets and actually had an alright sleep the rest of the night. 

Who inspires you?

Forrest – I am inspired by a lot of people I guess.  Anyone who follows their passion or dreams and pushes themselves out of their comfort zone once and a while.  A few in sports would be Stevie Smith, Ryan Dungey and Sam Hill.  

Meet SideStix Forrest Riesco

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