Meet our Production Technician – Bart Porebski

Bart Porebski

Our newest edition to the SideStix family is this wonderful man, Bart Porebski. Born in Warsaw, Poland, and raised in Montreal, Canada, Bart moved to Vancouver in 1997. We have to say, we’re pretty lucky that our path aligned with Mr. Porebski.

One of our most cherished values here at SideStix, is innovation. As a company, we pride ourselves on the ability to look for new and exciting solutions to any problem. We are constantly looking at how we can make the best products for our community, and Bart really fuels that engine!

What is your favorite thing about working with SideStix?

Bart – Seeing how our efforts improve the lives of Sidestix recipients. At SideStix a good idea is heard and is allowed to improve the design which is continuously evolving and improving. No detail is too minuscule and we often read beyond the recipient’s measurements and lifestyle to provide the best possible product for them.

What does Defy Convention mean to you?

Bart – “Thinking outside the box”. An elegant solution is the end goal not slavishly following an established procedure that does not lead to “the goal”.

Who is your favorite Superhero?

Bart – Wolverine: Doesn’t fly or teleport or read minds. While not flashy, he still gets his hands and retractable-metal claws dirty. Because of the length of his claws, he has to work in close quarters to be effective. His regenerative powers make him ageless and nearly indestructible. Combine that with his animal sharp senses, instincts and reflexes… His ‘powers’ almost seem attainable, for a brief moment in time.


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a trip either fishing, camping, or hiking?

Bart – My first bike camping trip I set up a tent ten feet from active train tracks which we didn’t see in the dark. Long story short the train came what felt like through the fabric of the tent in the middle of the night and scared me awake from fatigued slumber.

From time to time that train rumbles through my dreams still. This might seem scary and it was in that moment but over time the mind turns fear into funny like coal into diamonds. Otherwise we would never dream of doing it again.

Bart Poresbki


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