New Moon, New Beginnings, for 2016


It seems apropos to set my personal and professional intentions for 2016 just before the first new moon of 2016 (rising on Saturday, January 9th). New moons can be seen as a blank slate to list your intentions and speak your dreams out loud, and that is what I want to do. Sharing my intentions and being open to guidance from the spirit that is within me and without, helps me feel connected and empowered in this chaotic and temporal world we live in.

Intentions for SideStix:


To create a SideStix book with the help of user testimonies and shared stories. I hope this book is informative, inspirational and fun to read.

If you’d like to share your story with us please email social(at)


To present more workshops to share my knowledge and insights both as a pediatric OT and as a seasoned disabled person and entrepreneur.


To work with researchers to published their data and general summaries on SideStix, both in scientific journals and easy-to-read articles.


To develop the final version of the new ‘FinGrip’ and make it available for our customers to enjoy.

Modified Stix

Make available modified versions of SideStix crutches (i.e. trough crutch for those individuals who cannot use their hands to walk).


Attend at least five conferences and present workshops to expose more individuals to the benefits of SideStix.

Armed Forces and Veterans

To continue to develop relations with the armed forces and veterans in the USA and Canada. SideStix are already available to active duty soldiers and veterans, however this is not well known.

Personal Intentions:



I want to develop my skills in writing, by practicing more and taking on subjects that fascinate me.

Personal website

Re-work my personal website with more content that can be integrated with SideStix.

Loving Kindness

Get back in touch with my “Camino mentality” by traveling lightly, shedding the weight of things I don’t need, paying attention to my body and spirit and taking breaks when I need to rest. To be attentive while walking the path and be open to the truths of the moment. To laugh and cry more and reach out to friends. I want to practice loving kindness, consciously, in my family, my community and in the world at large. It is my hope for peace and reconciliation for those oppressed and that the world leaders listen to mother earth and practice true democracy in their decisions that affect us all.



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