A Promise Kept

Robert Anthony Rodriguez kept a promise he made to himself as a kid: when he became an adult, he would help other children build their confidence, especially if they were experiencing heartache and struggle, as he had faced as a child. Today, Robert reaches kids as a motivational speaker, actor, founder of Limb Possible, and […]

Posted On: 2021-11-05

Against All Odds

Ipeleng Khunou is known to be a “seriously fast runner”, as other writers have put it. Since realizing that he could run with crutches in 2017, he took off (literally), and hasn’t looked back. This confident and determined young man loves to exceed his own expectations, and prove to others that their assumptions about him […]

Posted On: 2021-10-01

Always Teaching, Always Learning

At 24 years old, Theo Thompson is already preparing to raise the next generation. As a future teacher and current student, studying special education at Purdue University Fort Wayne in Indiana, Theo certainly has a lot to offer. He is incredibly self-motivated, a fierce advocate for disability rights, and extremely passionate about communication and teaching […]

Posted On: 2021-09-03

Keep Pushing, Young Lion

With sheer will and creativity, Ravi Sharma made a life of his own, one that others in his life doubted that he could do! Ravi was born with spina bifida and has arthrogryposis. “My family and healthcare providers had a certain idea of what my life should look like, but I was able to build […]

Posted On: 2021-08-06

Being Rare is a Superpower

Hillary Wool is a multifaceted woman, with many talents and titles. She is a New Yorker, a management consultant, an “adaptive adventurer,” a model, a dog mom, a traveller, and, above all else, rare. “It’s such a superpower to be rare,” she says, “as hard as it may be.”  This past year, Hillary, like many […]

Posted On: 2021-07-02

When Shit Hits the Fan, Get Busy Livin’

  Brian DeMatteo was on cloud nine.  He had recently sold his tech company and was semi-retired after years of working too hard. Pondering his next move, Brian walked along a beach – familiar territory, as he was an avid surfer. Life was good and full of possibilities, but tragically it ‘turned on a dime’. […]

Posted On: 2021-06-04