Looking Back & to the Future

As we look back on 2020, it may be an understatement to say it has been a hard year for everyone. We have collectively experienced so many changes triggered by a pandemic that has claimed almost two million lives, caused mass unemployment, hardship, and hunger. Although the Corona virus has created the global backdrop, it […]

Posted On: 2021-01-01

Rebel With a Cause

Tracy is smart, spirited, and articulate. A nurse by trade, and a mother of a nine-year-old son, she is not someone who looks for a fight. However, when she learned Denmark-based, Rockwool, a stone wool manufacturing facility, was to be built in the community she had just left, she had to move back. She knew […]

Posted On: 2020-12-04

‘Good Ol’ Fashioned’ Word of Mouth

2020 has been quite a year for this world! It has also been a memorable year for SideStix. This year marks our 10th anniversary in business. Our vision: to provide a durable, comfortable, and versatile forearm crutch – specifically designed to enable access to terrain that is typically “out of bounds” for crutch users. Our […]

Posted On: 2020-11-06

Normal is Boring

You could say the world has shifted and nothing is normal since the pandemic. Our Ambassador of the Month, Robert Ferguson, talks to me from Texas, as the pandemic hits his area hard. Robert understands big and little losses are hard to handle, but they can shape your character and transform you into a healthier […]

Posted On: 2020-10-02

I Do Brokenness Well

It started with a gift – a small donut box filled with baby chicks. Gina had been on the couch, despondent and feeling like she had lost her identity. An accident  as a firefighter had left Gina with a permanent disability. She needed a diversion, something new that could pull her out of her brokenness. […]

Posted On: 2020-09-04

Honoring a Higher Self

We can’t make things better if we don’t acknowledge the way things are.  Accepting this truth is vital in a pandemic and the anti-racism movement, as well as a loss of mobility.  In this month’s blog, Kenji Sakamura tells the story of his life, and shares why it’s important to work hard to become a […]

Posted On: 2020-08-04