For the Love of Freedom

Bill was the kind of kid who loved to take things apart and figure out how they work.  As an adult, he became a Marine Engineer Surveyor, living in rural Australia. One of his passions was being a pilot and he would seize every possible opportunity to fly. Bill would often take off before dawn […]

Posted On: 2019-11-01

40 Years Free: Paying it Forward, Paying it Back

Lynda Chyzyk is a dear friend of mine. I met her 34 years ago through the US National Disabled Ski Association. We were both in our early twenties and ski racing. I admired her, as she was a fearless, phenomenal downhill racer on the Canadian team. As her American opponent, I was determined to beat […]

Posted On: 2019-10-01

When Being Radically Different is Being Radically Authentic

Dominic Maraglia’s life was, as he put it, “totally, totally transformed” by doing just one thing.  But before he could do this, he had to take a good hard look at himself and ask, “what’s holding me back?”  So, he sat down and forced himself to be honest and vulnerable. What Dominic discovered was shocking:  […]

Posted On: 2019-09-02

From Couch Sitter to Thrill Seeker

Mark Yearsley has a message for those experiencing mobility loss: “Don’t let your disability define you!”  Mark should know; he was stuck on the couch for years, feeling isolated, depressed, and not wanting to go out.  What changed? Mark took a long, hard look at himself and realized, “I was feeling sorry for myself. I […]

Posted On: 2019-08-02

The Joy of Adapting

Emily Gray is a confident and beautiful athlete. The loss of her leg to cancer at age 11 ultimately forged greater strength and resilience in her life, but it certainly didn’t happen right away.  “After the loss of my leg, I told my father, ‘No other man will ever love me’”. Clarity grew with time […]

Posted On: 2019-07-05

Getting on with Life!

With his refined and cheerful English demeanor, Simon Henson has a clear message for those who have experienced a loss of mobility “Don’t look back, look forward.” This advice isn’t from a man who believes in ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’, remaining stoic, and avoiding a display of weakness, but rather from an individual who […]

Posted On: 2019-06-07