Defying Convention is Living in China with Forearm Crutches

It was clear the conversation needed to shift when I asked Greg Finger how he stays motivated. In contrast to most who reply to this question by offering their methods of being productive or listing significant people who inspire them, Greg’s motivation comes from moments that bring him happiness. “Life just boils down to experiences.” […]

Posted On: 2018-12-13

It’s not about Looking Back, it’s about Looking Forward

  Nelson Quong feels a deep sense of gratitude since he has stepped back and widened his view on the world. It was a process, he admits. He has learned not to expect life to be as he planned, but rather to experience life as it unfolds before him. “I learned finally, its not about […]

Posted On: 2018-10-04

Less is More or Mindre är mer or Meno è meglio

Capable, compassionate and caring for others, is how Lena describes herself. However, I have learned something even greater about Lena; this extraordinary person can also practice how to keep from getting exhausted by saying “no” and not being shy about asking for help when she needs it! Recently retired, Lena is changing her life. She […]

Posted On: 2018-09-06

To be an Aging Adventurist – The Strong, Smart, and Bold Crutcher

Cris Rowan is known to some as an FFG. That’s right, a ‘Fabulous Fun Girl’, ready to act on an urge to do wild and wonderful things that are both spontaneous and fun. But, I think Cris is more of an SSB girl – ‘Strong, Smart and Bold’. She takes adventures and challenges head on, […]

Posted On: 2018-08-03

Hugh’s Guide to Freedom and Accessibility

There is no doubt Hugh Hamilton is one positive guy. At the core of this positive mind-set, is Hugh’s ability to act and live life the way he wants – with “Freedom”. Freedom to choose a way to actively seek out and reclaim his basic right to stay mobile. Freedom to advocate; freedom to explore […]

Posted On: 2018-06-26

Why Climbing is the New Grounded – Life after Amputation

Anna described the year that followed her accident as feeling “like five years”. In this slow-motion time warp, as the emotional turmoil settled within her, Anna discovered unexpected strength, deep gratitude and also an amazing clarity about the really important things in her life. Anna is a scientist, a climber and now an amputee. She […]

Posted On: 2018-05-15