3 simple ways to remain youthful

Lawrene Kovalenko radiates a youthful demeanor. She is open-minded and accepts change by the process of understanding how things are, how things could be, then adapting, to make the transition. She is one of the youngest 85-year-olds I’ve ever met. As a neuroscientist, occupational therapist and artist, Lawrene uses her professional frames-of-reference to maintain a […]

Posted On: 2019-04-01

Livin’ the Dream, (One Shaky Step at a Time)

Alex McKiernan doesn’t want us to be “disconnected from the disabled experience – it’s powerful and important and useful to this world.” Alex wants to help people see the value of their experiences and life lessons that able-bodied people rarely get to experience, but need to know.  “There is much to see in the ‘darkness’, […]

Posted On: 2019-02-24

Finding the Silver Lining

“When I think I’m going to break, a voice inside me says, “You got this””. Isaac Blunt is one tough dude, a bad a**, who has learned to channel that toughness and use it to overcome the many hurdles that have become his new ‘normal’. Isaac lost both legs above the knee from an IED […]

Posted On: 2019-02-01

He’s a Force to be Reckoned With

There’s no slowing down, Tim Force. Wait, what? Did I hear that correctly? Hanging drywall, up on ladders, riffle hunting… all on ONE leg and crutches! It’s hard to impress an amputee like myself, who has been living on crutches for 45 years, but those tasks I just mentioned seem pretty challenging to me! Tim […]

Posted On: 2019-01-11

Defying Convention is Living in China with Forearm Crutches

It was clear the conversation needed to shift when I asked Greg Finger how he stays motivated. In contrast to most who reply to this question by offering their methods of being productive or listing significant people who inspire them, Greg’s motivation comes from moments that bring him happiness. “Life just boils down to experiences.” […]

Posted On: 2018-12-13

Sarah Evans Story – A Mothers Gift To Her Sons

Truly an awesome gift from a mother When Sarah Evans woke up, grabbed her crutches and realized her first thought wasn’t, “how am I going to get through the day”, but instead, “what am I going to do with my kids today”, this was the day that Sarah knew she had ‘come out the other […]

Posted On: 2018-11-02