A Leap of Faith (An Aspirational Lesson in a Pandemic Lockdown)

Jerry Cronin didn’t know what was happening.  He thought back pain from a previously herniated disc was flaring up again. Then the pain changed. It became sharp, and Jerry thought he had kidney stones.  Walking became difficult but he persevered, and it was only a freak accident that brought Jerry to the ER where he […]

Posted On: 2020-04-03

The Value of Time and Freedom

Darrow Kirkpatrick is calm, intentional, and a critical thinker. He welcomes new learning, investigates all angles of the subject, and thrives on problem-solving his way through difficult situations. He has always welcomed a challenge. As an early adopter of computers, developer of software, and with clear financial and investment planning, Darrow was able to reach […]

Posted On: 2020-03-06

Finding a Way to the Top

Two things that make Coetzee Wium happy and motivated are spending time with family and setting compelling goals. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2018 with his wife Danielle gave him both. The desire to take on this challenge, and the joy of sharing it with his wife “was amazing.” What Coetzee discovered in getting ready for […]

Posted On: 2020-02-07

The Story of Grace

Losing a leg to cancer can be devastating. But for Karen, the need for a total replacement of her remaining hip just a year and a half later made a hard journey nearly impossible. “It’s been a challenge both physically and spiritually,” Karen told me. Yet, in the swirling gyre of emotions and physical hurdles, […]

Posted On: 2020-01-03

This is Your Life!

Carole Desforges has an infectious smile. With heartfelt enthusiasm and an indomitable positive outlook, she set the stage as she described her life transitions. She asked me if I remember Guy Smiley, a Sesame Street Muppet on TV?  “I sure do,” I replied. “Yes, the show is called ‘Here is Your Life!’” said Carole. “Guy […]

Posted On: 2019-12-01

For the Love of Freedom

Bill was the kind of kid who loved to take things apart and figure out how they work.  As an adult, he became a Marine Engineer Surveyor, living in rural Australia. One of his passions was being a pilot and he would seize every possible opportunity to fly. Bill would often take off before dawn […]

Posted On: 2019-11-01