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Passion Found Me

If I can be truthful, I don’t think I ever ‘found’ passion. Instead, passion found me. I’ve always thought passion was a mindset and feeling you discover passively. Perhaps if you ponder what you believe, you’d eventually get that ‘fire in the belly’ and have passion. But, I have learned, passion can only be initiated through action. By taking actionable steps toward what I value, or a goal or life dream I envision (I have many), I have discovered passion in living.

Gilman's Point, Mt. Kilimanjaro, SideStix blog

I realized long ago I needed to make hard decisions to realize my dreams. In my early 20s, I left my secure job as an occupational therapist to become a ski racer. That’s right, I left…an action; to become…my dream…a ski racer. I eventually made it onto the US Disabled Ski Team after a lot of hard work. This move toward ski racing was the springboard to discovering new passions, specifically climbing and innovating.

Shared Passion

What followed from spending years in the mountains was my desire of climb high. Using innovative a snow climbing crutches I designed, I managed to summit Mt. Rainier, Denali and Kilimanjaro. Starting SideStix was an act of passion I shared with Kerith Perreur-Lloyd! We knew the only way to make high quality, well researched ergonomic walking devices was to do it ourselves. Since we took that leap of faith and opened our business, nearly 3000 individuals are benefiting from our designs by living more fully and defying conventional perceptions of society.

How do you know you’re on the right road to discovering your passion? You’re able to wake up most mornings knowing you’re working towards something that really matters to you and others. With each step toward your goal, you get this feeling of hope and are excited about the future. Life is fun, and although stressful, is worthy of your time and attention.

A Passionate Spartan

Matt Pevoto discovered a life of passion through Spartan Racing. He understands to over-come fear, he needs to prepare. By practicing what he may encounter in a Spartan Race, he knows what to do when difficulties arise.

There are no guarantees of success or finding ‘that fire in your belly’, but the very ACT of moving towards what matters to you, can ignite the passion within.



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