Spartans are the new Crutchers


Recently we received an interesting email from the office of the Canadian RCMP, and it started off like this…”My new SideStix…thought you would like to know what kind of abuse they have been through these past few weeks…since I got them!!!”

Ok Constable, you have our attention.

The 1st photo attached in Cst. Kerri McKee’s email…

devil's staircase

(Not a lot of abuse happening in this seemly picturesque photo.)

Devil’s Staircase:  “After paddling through a couple small lakes you come to what is called the Devil’s Staircase, about 3/4 mile long portage, one side is a gentle , yet steep incline over nice rounded boulders the size of a house, while the other side is basically spring run-off with exposed roots, boulders of all size and nearly straight down.  We were busy putting the canoe in at a nice little beaver damn… which had shores that were super muddy!”

We have attachments for that! 

“I am lucky that I didn’t snap my poles going down the staircase.  I had the sand feet on already…” <<< oh, ok good stuff!

“It was great for better traction on the wet mossy ground.  Placed the left side down then the right and started to make the swing down to the next level when the left stick fell through the moss and down I went!  Wasn’t hurt but got some pretty awesome bruises!”

Bruises aka “Warrior Wounds.”  

“Then after I got some help up, as I was turtled (carrying 2 packs, when I fell both sticks were underneath me and I was head down on the path) and continued on my way.” <<< We giggled a little, when we pictured a turtle on its back.

“Then trying to cross through a muddy section it was funny…  I was making my way through and then like before, both sticks went down about a foot into the MUCK! Funny thing was that when this happened my heel just touched down…. so there I was with my arms bent at 90 degrees behind me while one foot way in front… like a reverse plank!!  Didn’t want to let go as I did not want to land in the muck but couldn’t get myself up!!!!  Awesome trip!!”

Sounds AWESOME! 

July 11th – Spartan Race:  “Did all but 2 obstacles (rope climb and missed my javelin throw).  Crutches were AWESOME!” 


Ok, these photos are pretty BADASS!


“Although, now the springs do not spring.  Could be all the mud they had to go through and I mean LOT’S OF MUD!!! Is there anything I can do at home first?”

We are glad you asked! We recommend that you take off your lower tubes, and rinse the outside of the shock absorber with fresh water. Then take out the shock plug and remove the elastomer and push-rod assembly. Now you can take the SideStix Tool, and unscrew the bottom part of the shock absorber. Once the shock absorber is separated, it’s a good idea to flush the internal parts with more fresh water, to make sure there’s no grit or mud in any of the internal components. After this, all of the individual pieces should be thoroughly dried, and can then be reassembled – making sure that all threads are completely clean and free from grit or other debris. You can see a demonstration of this procedure, on our Tutorials Page, which is under the FAQ tab of our website.

If you need any help during this procedure, don’t hesitate to call our toll free number: 1-877-464-7849.

Thanks again, for sharing your awesome photos and stories with us! If you would like to share your Spartan or Warrior stories with the SideStix community please email us at

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