‘Good Ol’ Fashioned’ Word of Mouth

Sarah Doherty & Kerith Perreur-Lloyd

2020 has been quite a year for this world! It has also been a memorable year for SideStix. This year marks our 10th anniversary in business. Our vision: to provide a durable, comfortable, and versatile forearm crutch – specifically designed to enable access to terrain that is typically “out of bounds” for crutch users. Our mission: to ‘Defy Convention’.

Sarah Doherty & Kerith Perreur-Lloyd

Inventing, designing, and refining SideStix has been fun (a process that started 17 years ago, but that’s another story!); figuring out how to run a unique and complex business was the hard part. How do we get SideStix into the hands of those who need it? Well, for us it’s been ‘good ol’ fashioned’ word of mouth.

Our first customer, Melvin Tong

Propelled by quality, comfort, and unique attachments, SideStix are now used worldwide, on every continent, to enable those with mobility difficulties to get their lives back. Around the home, SideStix users are walking with ease. Outdoors, SideStix provide the durability and tip choices to maximize safety and reduce effort while hiking or engaging in extreme sports. In fact, SideStix is the only brand of forearm crutches used to climb the highest mountains on all seven continents!

Looking ahead…

Kerith and I are proud to provide choices that have never existed in mobility equipment. We have received numerous awards for our innovative designs, and we continue to create new products and to evolve existing ones. But the best part of our job is getting emails, phone calls, and pictures from our customers, who give genuine feedback and express their deep gratitude for SideStix. Each day, we learn from a SideStix user how they ‘Defy Convention’ and live a full and engaging life. SideStix Ambassadors, willing to share their stories, are interviewed each month for a blog published on our website. Their stories help encourage others facing mobility challenges, specifically with how to cope and be creative in adapting to change.

Dominic Maraglia

SideStix continues to grow slowly and steadily, and through our contract with the US Department of Veterans Affairs we are able to offer a better mobility solution to vets, who have given so much for us.

To all members of our ‘SideStix family’ – thank you! We are committed to our mission to ‘Defy Convention’, and will provide the tools to make sure that you can too. So, go out, ‘Defy Convention’ and make this world a better place!

paratriathlete race feeling
Marianne Huche

‘Defy Convention’ mission:

We believe in the limitless possibilities of what can be. That greatness is found within. And Freedom is just a step away. Know that with every challenge we accept, and every new path we embark upon, the extraordinary is waiting to be discovered. Because we refuse to be defined by the perceptions of others. But by the victories achieved everyday.

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