Who can benefit from using SideStix™?
Anyone who wants to walk further, hike longer and move easier with less pain and fatigue. From participating in everyday activities to supporting cardiovascular fitness levels or even scaling mountain peaks, SideStix™ are designed for anyone who refuses to place limitations on what they enjoy doing.

I am not disabled, but I experience joint pain and discomfort. Can SideStix™ help me?
Absolutely. Many of our customers use SideStix™ as a walking aid to help take the weight off their lower limbs, enabling them to walk longer and farther without the nagging joint pain they would typically experience when being out.

What is the difference between Boundless and Discovery?
Boundless is our top of the line model and comes with our patent pending SideStix™ Shock Absorbing System to help remove the bumps and jolts typically experienced by users of forearm crutches on every stride they take. Discovery is identical to Boundless except it doesn’t have the shock absorbers, making them the lightest SideStix™ we’ve ever built. This model is ideal for those wanting a high quality, super lightweight adaptive device. Generally used for walking shorter distances, Discovery is great for shopping, working in the garden or enjoying a day at the beach.

What’s the difference between SideStix™ and regular forearm crutches?
SideStix™ are the first and only performance enhancing mobility devices that feature a number of researched innovations to prevent the fatigue and injury associated with long-term use from other crutches. From our ergonomic design and patent pending shock absorbing system that has been scientifically proven to reduce joint pain and compression, to our rotating / articulating Revolution Tip Assembly with attachable Grip Caps for use on any terrain, SideStix™ are your best choice when wanting to go farther with less effort and fatigue. In fact, we defy you to call them crutches!

Will my insurance cover the cost of my SideStix™?
Almost all extended insurance providers cover some or all of the cost. Please refer to our Warranty & Insurance Coverage for specific information.

How can I get a quote?
If you need a quote to submit to your insurance provider, simply add your items to the shopping cart. Then at checkout choose the “quote” payment option. If you decide to purchase SideStix, we can convert that quote into an order at a later time so you don’t have to enter your information twice.

Does SideStix™ ship internationally?
Yes. We ship SideStix™ all over the world. We have included standard country codes in our shopping cart system. If your country is not listed, please contact us directly to place your order.

When can I expect to receive my SideStix™?
Your SideStix™ will ship within two weeks upon receiving your order. We guarantee your shipment will arrive without damages. If your shipment is lost or damaged we will replace your order ASAP.

What are your shipping rates?
Shipping rates are based on weight and destination. Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart prior to final check out. We only use tracked shipping methods, to ensure that you know the location of your order while it is in transit.

Are SideStix subject to duties, taxes or fees?
SideStix crutches and accessories are typically duty free and tax free, however in the event that brokerage and/or other fees are levied, the recipient will be responsible for these charges.

What can I do if I don’t like my SideStix™?
We want you to be completely satisfied with your SideStix™. That’s why we offer our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We encourage you to get out and use them as often as possible. It may take a short while to get used to the unique shock absorbing features and articulating feet, but once you do, there’s no going back to a regular forearm crutch. We stand behind our products so if you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly. We’d be happy to find a solution that works best for you.

What is the weight capacity for a pair of SideStix™?
SideStix have been independently tested at the Human Engineering Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. The million cycle test assumed a maximum weight of 300 Lbs (140Kgs). For clients exceeding this weight, we generally recommend that aluminum tubes be substituted for the typical carbon fiber tubes.