From a member of the US Disabled Ski Team, to the first amputee to ever summit Mt. McKinley, the accomplishments of Sarah Doherty defy convention. Despite losing her leg at 13 in a car accident, Sarah was determined not to lose her freedom. She began exploring ways to live life more fully, creating tools to help her walk further, ski faster and climb higher.

Her quest to learn new ways to analyze activities and modify equipment led her to become an Occupational Therapist and ultimately, the co-founder of SideStix™. Drawing on her personal experiences has given Sarah the unique insight to create the products and accessories that help others on their journey to reclaim their independence.


If Sarah is the inspiration behind SideStix™ then Kerith is unquestionably the science. With over 20+ years as an engineering technologist in structural engineering, Kerith is responsible for research & development, quality assurance, production, inventory and computer systems.

Their love of the outdoors and the wish to help others remain active and healthy no matter what their circumstances inspired Kerith and Sarah to create SideStix™, a revolutionary product which has become a game changer in enhanced mobility walking devices.

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