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Ergon Biokork GP1 EVO have replaced the original Biokork GP1 grips. These new grips are very similar to the original Biokork GP1 grips, with some minor changes. The new Biokork EVO are currently only available in the large size.

If you need small grips, they are available here:

Biokork GP1 EVO are bicycle grips designed and manufactured by Ergon. These grips are modified slightly by SideStix to make them compatible with SideStix forearm crutches.

These grips provide excellent ergonomics and comfort for the hand. Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, cork makes an ideal grip material. During use, the cork surface naturally wears away resulting in an average grip life of 6-9 months.

Sizing Guide: Measure across your hand with your fingers and thumb spread wide apart – from tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky finger. If the measurement is 8″ or below, then SMALL is probably preferred. If the measurement is above 8″, then LARGE may be best.


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