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To make sure your SideStix work perfectly for you, please click on each section below to select your preferences for the following customization options.



SideStix offer three different cuff options that have different advantages for different walking styles.




The Delrin cuff attachment posts are very strong, but if you need them to be virtually unbreakable, the is a good choice. Increases weight by 20 grams per side.


For those who need the toughest protection against scuffs and scrapes for their SideStix. Add a durable matte black polyolefin finish to the forearm assemblies and lower tubes. Increases the weight by 30 grams per side.
Not compatible with colour wraps.


Add a splash of colour AND protect your lower tubes from scuffs and scrapes.

Please note, the wraps are designed to be temporary and removeable. Over time, as your SideStix come into contact with each other and other objects the wraps may begin to peel up or chip away. At that point you can either remove them, leaving the lower tube bare, or order replacements. Click here to see the wraps in more detail.
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The Boundless are the most comfortable forearm crutches you can buy. Whether you’re walking on city streets, working in the garden, or trekking up a mountain, the Boundless high performance crutches will take you there with comfort and style.
Boundless Crutch Shock Absorber
The shock absorbing system reduces joint compression, pain, and fatigue. Leaving you with more energy to do the things you love.

The Boundless crutches are best for people who walk longer distances (over 1km), and have a swing-through gait or a vigorous walking style. These people will benefit the most from the damping shock absorber.

Right from the start we designed these light weight crutches to be sleek, stylish, and silent. With a selection of lower tube wraps, you can blend in or stand out. The clamp system allows you to set the height exactly where you want it and lets you to swap out tubes and tips as you need, all while keeping them silent.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, the Boundless crutches are lightweight (approximately 800g each) and extremely strong. We’ve stress-tested them for millions of cycles and had them independently tested and approved by the University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories (ISO 11334-1: 2007).
Carbon Fiber Lower Tube
Combining ergonomic angles with a completely custom-built approach means that every pair of SideStix fits perfectly. Once you submit your order, we analyze your measurements and then build each pair according to your dimensions and walking style. That means your pair of SideStix are just as unique as you.
Ergonomic Forearm Angles
A number of options allow you to build the pair of SideStix that is right for you. These options include different grip styles, lower tubes made from carbon fiber or aluminum and also three different types of cuffs; a front cuff, a side cuff, and an open cuff. The front cuff is a standard cuff opening that allows you to easily get in and out of them while still giving good side to side support. The side cuff gives you great support, allows you to easily get in and out of them, but has the added benefit that they will stay on your arm while you reach for something. The open cuff gives you the most freedom, but provides the least amount of side to side support.
Boundless Cuff Options
These durable crutches are compatible with all our accessories, meaning you can feel confident walking on any terrain. Grip Caps can help on trails or icy conditions, Sand Shoes will take you to beaches or through mud, and Snowshoes will take through powder snow in the mountains.
Boundless Accessories
A limited lifetime warranty combined with superior build quality means that you will save money and reduce the chances of secondary over-use injuries, over a lifetime of owning your SideStix. No more buying replacement crutches once or twice a year! You can trust that SideStix will be there when you need them most.


  • Custom built based on your measurements
  • Choice of 3 different cuff styles
  • Leather cuff pads
  • Aluminum (6061) forearm assembly
  • Choice of 2 different grip styles
  • Shock absorber with adjustable preload
  • Carbon fiber lower tubes
  • 5” height adjustment
  • Fetterman Tornado Tips
  • Breaks down easily for travel or storage
  • High quality kit bag & tools
  • Compatible with all accessories and attachments
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300lbs/140kg (Please contact us if your weight exceeds this)
  • Weight: 830g each (approx.)



Boundless Instructions DownloadBoundless Instructions


    BOUNDLESS photo review
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Jason Enzer
    September 9, 2023
    I am 50, had an ankle fusion and am in need of a knee replacement. Suffice to say being outside in the Colorado mountains required a vehicle. This all changed with sidestix! Now I can and do go everywhere on my own 2 legs and arms!! Pikes peak was my latest challenge and it was no match for the sidestix. 26.5 miles and 8000 foot elevation gain! Now I hike 30 miles a week and can't imagine life without them. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be on the trails again!!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    June 27, 2022
    I can’t say enough about the sidestix- design, function, and comfort are unlike any other forearm crutches that I have used. I have been using forearm crutches for nine years and would highly recommend anyone needing an extra set of legs to get sidestix, don’t hem and haw about the price, you will never regret this purchase. Sidestix have eliminated my shoulder and wrist pain and they are completely silent, no more clunk clunk clunk when I walk. The revolution tips are great, the movement is in the tip, not telegraphed through your shoulder.
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Morgan Thorne
    January 10, 2022
    Sidestix have restored my hope for the future & my ability to do the things I love doing. I know that sounds a little over the top but it's true. My right leg is not functional, so I've been using crutches or a wheelchair for nearly 5 years now. I have severe chronic pain (CRPS), arthritis and a whole slew of injuries that complicate things. I had been using relatively inexpensive off-the-shelf crutches and had so much pain in my shoulders (old injury) and wrists. It hurt. so much that I could only use them in my home or to get to my car when needed. They squeaked & clanked with every step. While I was able to do some hiking in my wheelchair, the wilderness is not really accessible. I could not believe the difference when I got my Boundless Sidestix. I'm pretty sure I had tears of joy the first time I tried them. The difference was night and day. They've allowed me to hike 5km - which might not sound like a lot, but I had been struggling to make it from the kitchen to the couch. I was able to go camping in northern Ontario, do a bit of backcountry camping and this winter I'm learning how to snowshoe. My ability and fitness level are still increasing. I'm starting to feel like myself again. If you're looking at these and the price is a little scary, believe me, they are worth every penny. I only wish I had bought mine sooner, they are incredible!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    June 2, 2021
    My Boundless crutches are the perfect complement to my new prosthetic leg! My PTs say they are saving my shoulders and wrists. As a recent hemipelvectomy patient I am just getting used to my new normal and SideStix Boundless are a key part of my adjustment. Although I've been introduced to alternatives, there is no way I trade these crutches for anything!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Lee Fairhurst
    April 28, 2021
    Thank you everyone at SideStix for these😊 Changed my life, gave me back a lot more mobility. Chronic pain, lost use of a leg and bad shoulders, these are so comfy and I can walk without the pain other crutches have caused. I see people mention the cost of these... I used to change crutches every 12 to 16 months because aluminium tubes would warp and bend, not these, carbon fibre tubes flex and will last! So the cost is worth it!! In time they will save you money. I’m going to buy another pair as a spare. The fact I can buy each item individually is also saving money, rather than buy a new full pair which I used to do with another brand of crutches costing me quite a lot over the 16 years I’ve been using crutches. The shock absorber I’d recommend, they’re comfy and they work, my shoulders feel like new, no more pain at the end of a day Attachments are a great idea! I have them all and use them. SideStix also look good, I get stopped often and asked where I get them from. These are by far the best crutches I’ve ever used!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Judy Richardson
    April 19, 2021
    I had legg- perthes disease as a child. It is a rare disease that affects the hip. Now as an adult, I have hip pain, which also affects the knee. I had to give up hiking due to discomfort and pain. Hiking and backpacking was a huge part of my life. I felt such a sense off loss when I was not able to hike anymore. I felt like I was being left behind and it was tough to pull myself out of my pity party. I happened to see a YouTube video of Sarah using her Sidestix to hike the West coast trail, and other epic hikes. I felt such a glimmer of hope and thought, if she can do it, then I could too! I ordered my Sidestix and haven't looked back. It took a few flat walks/hikes to build up my upper body strength, but now I can use them to hike steeper trails. I also have fibromyalgia so the sidestix help to take the pressure off my joints. I am now training for the Berg lake trail trail in Mount Robson. I'm so happy to be part of my backpacking gang again! My trail name is 'Crutch'. Sidestix=freedom!!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Jakki Van Hemert
    December 7, 2020
    I bought these as I've been having ongoing problems with my Bi-lateral partial knee replacement with no real solutions on how to resolve the issue so I had to try something. The crutches have allowed me to continue with at least basic hikes with my dogs and husband without limits on conditions. I use these as my hiking sticks now, which helps keep the pressure off my knee, especially the downhill. portions. We live in the mountains of BC, and we are rarely not hiking hills.
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Darrow Kirkpatrick
    May 29, 2020
    I deal with a series of lower body joint injuries and ongoing pain from a lifetime of activities. SideStix gave me back the ability to do substantial hiking again, with safety and confidence. I am so grateful. If you are on crutches for the duration, you owe it to yourself to check out the SideStix Boundless. All aspects of this company, from its products to its web site to its customer service, exist to improve the lives of mobility-challenged customers. Their quality, care, and concern show through everything they do. Thank you SideStix!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Mark Smith
    May 29, 2020
    These are the most robust, comfortable and light weight crutches I’ve had and they have allowed me to spend hours at a time on different surfaces in comfort, whilst also being the only pair I’ve had that can cope with the rigours and physicality that comes with playing Amputee football
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Amber Doctrow
    May 28, 2020
    SideStix have given me my independence and confidence back! I have hEDS, hydrocephalus, and other of chronic health conditions that impact my mobility. Before I got my SideStix, I had several nasty falls, including one while using a cane. Although I was only 30, I had to concede that my balance, coordination, fatigue and pain necessitated something more than a walking stick. Because of my joint instability, I did extensive research to find a mobility aid that would give me the support I needed without further stressing and damaging my joints. I was so excited when I discovered SideStix Boundless forearm crutches. As promised, these beautifully designed forearm crutches are lightweight and sturdy with a shock absorbing system that reduces joint compression, pain, and fatigue. They allow me to do everything I want to do, and go everywhere I want to go, including hiking through Acadia National Park last year!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Carsten M
    May 18, 2020
    Dear possible and new SideStix users, I have chronic pain in several joints due to osteoarthritis and discus prolapse and I also have cam impingement in both my hips. About 6 years ago I began to use crutches, and have therefore tried many different types. Now I've finally found the crutches that make my everyday life easier - SideStix Boundless. These are simply the most perfect crutches I've had. The features of SideStix Boundless are absolutely incredible. The rotating tips are so amazing…. My old crutches did not have rotating tips, which probably is the reason for more pain in my arms, neck and shoulder. The SideStix Boundless rotating tip feature are perfect especially if your arms are a bit crooked like mine. In addition, the FinGrips on SideStix Boundless are the coolest and most comfortable I have ever tried, and the design is also ergonomically perfect. I think the price is the only drawback, since the SideStix Boundless crutches are pretty expensive. But with my experience with crutches, I have no doubt that the money for the SideStix Boundless crutches is well spent Unfortunately, I walk very slowly which is why I need my crutches to be comfortable and not to heavy. SideStix Boundless meets all my requirements and even more than that. The rotating tips need to be emphasized further, as I think it is a feature a lot of people who use crutches would appreciate. Another thing I want to highlight is the ability to maintain SideStix Boundless - all parts can be repaired or replaced, which means that SideStix Boundless can last for many years. As mentioned before, I have tried many types of crutches and none can be compared to SideStix Boundless crutches. Recommendation: Yes SideStix Boundless = perfect Features: Rotating tips, Ergonomic FinGrips + incredibly comfortable to hold Rating: 6 out of 6 Price: In the expensive end, but instead of trying many different crutches, it might be worth spending money on SideStix Boundless - for me it was a perfect investment. I wish you all a good day, and I hope you will find crutches that suits you as well as my SideStix Boundless suit me. A big thanks to Kerith for developing these amazing crutches. Kind regards Carsten M Denmark
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    May 14, 2020
    Amazing product! Completely changed my life for the better!! Not only are these Sidestix more fun to use, they also require less part replacement and repairs! This saves money over the long run... a real win win situation!! Cheers 🍻
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Jennifer “Lizzie” MacDonald
    May 13, 2020
    When I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis 4 years ago, I knew I would never hike again. Several more autoimmune and neurological diagnoses later, I received my sidestix. I’m hiking regularly with so much joy. I’m even planning a short backpacking trip alone at the end of the summer. They make movement easy and fun! I tell other people with disabilities about them constantly. Sidestix gave me back my love of the outdoors. It doesn’t get better than that!!
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Deborah Hunter
    May 13, 2020
    I have both legs and feet but the deformity on my right foot has become more disabling as I age. I have orthotic shoes and I have tried leg braces. However, adding Sidestix to my life has given me the freedom of mobility and the absence of pain. Last year I traveled around the world and could only have done so because of Sidestix. They are sturdy, light weight and comfortable. I recommend them for people who have upper body strength but lack mobility in their lower extremity. Purchasing Boundless Sidestix was the best choice I have made in a long time.
    BOUNDLESS photo review
    Gary McCreith
    May 13, 2020
    I contracted polio at age 2. I've worn a leg brace since and used ancillary crutches when not wearing the brace and when navigating challenging terrain. About 15 years ago I started using a cane when walking to assist with balance. Due to a recent diagnosis of lumbar stenosis my Physical Therapists recommend using forearm crutches. I was having some difficulty practicing with the standard aluminum model. The Sidestix is making the transition much easier. I appreciate the lighter weight, the ergonomic design features, the shock absorption, and the sturdiness of my Sidestix crutches. They are helping this old dog learn new tricks!
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