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$535 CAD


To make sure your SideStix work perfectly for you, please click on each section below to select your preferences for the following customization options.



+$50 CAD
+$60 CAD
SideStix offer three different cuff options that have different advantages for different walking styles.






Add a splash of colour AND protect your lower tubes from scuffs and scrapes.

Please note, the wraps are designed to be temporary and removeable. Over time, as your SideStix come into contact with each other and other objects the wraps may begin to peel up or chip away. At that point you can either remove them, leaving the lower tube bare, or order replacements. Click here to see the wraps in more detail.

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The Explorer is our most adaptable and affordable model, allowing you to choose exactly which features you need. You can upgrade each of the components, including cuff styles, carbon fiber tubes and even shock absorbers. Made with the same care and custom built approach, the Explorer doesn’t sacrifice quality.
Explorer Shock Absorber
The shock absorbing system reduces joint compression, pain, and fatigue. Leaving you with more energy to do the things you love.

The shock absorber is best for people who walk longer distances (over 1km), and have a swing-through gait or a vigorous walking style. These people will benefit the most from the damping shock absorber.

Right from the start we designed SideStix to be sleek, stylish, and silent. With a selection of lower tube wraps, you can blend in or stand out. The clamp system allows you to set the height exactly where you want it and lets you to swap out tubes and tips as you need, all while keeping them silent.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Explorer, in it’s base configuration is our heaviest model (approximately 850g each) as it comes standard with aluminum lower tubes. Despite being heavier, it’s still extremely strong. We’ve stress-tested them for millions of cycles and had them independently tested and approved by the University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories (ISO 11334-1: 2007).
Carbon Fiber Lower Tube
Combining ergonomic angles with a completely custom-built approach means that every pair of SideStix fits perfectly. Once you submit your order, we analyze your measurements and then build each pair according to your dimensions and walking style. That means your pair of SideStix are just as unique as you.
Ergonomic Forearm Angles
A number of options allow you to build the pair of SideStix that is right for you. These options include different grip styles, lower tubes made from carbon fiber or aluminum and also three different types of cuffs; a front cuff, a side cuff, and a 3/4 cuff.
Explorer Cuff Options
The front cuff is a standard cuff opening that allows you to easily get in and out of them while still giving good side to side support. The side cuff gives you great support, allows you to easily get in and out of them, but has the added benefit that they will stay on your arm while you reach for something. The 3/4 cuff gives you the most freedom, but provides the least amount of side to side support.

The optional removable cuff pad fits into any of the cuffs and provides extra comfort.

The Explorer are compatible with all our accessories, meaning you can feel confident walking on any terrain. Grip Caps can help on trails or icy conditions, Sand Shoes will take you to beaches or through mud, and Snowshoes will take through powder snow in the mountains.
Explorer Accessories
A two year warranty combined with superior build quality means that you will save money and reduce the chances of secondary over-use injuries, over a lifetime of owning your SideStix. No more buying replacement crutches once or twice a year! You can trust that SideStix will be there when you need them most.


    • Custom built based on your measurements
    • Front opening cuff
    • Aluminum (6061) forearm assembly
    • Choice of 2 different grip styles
    • Aluminum Lower Tubes
    • 5” height adjustment
    • Fetterman Tornado Tips
    • Breaks down easily for travel or storage
    • Compatible with all accessories and attachments
    • High quality Allen key tool
    • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
    • 2 year warranty
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300lbs/140kg (Please contact us if your weight exceeds this)
    • Weight: 850g each (approx.)




Explorer Instructions DownloadExplorer Instructions Explorer With Shock Instructions DownloadExplorer With Shock Instructions


    March 12, 2022
    Explorer SideStix are perfect choice if you need a serious support when walking. I purchased both left and right Explorer in July 2019, not knowing if I'd need both, but use only one (left side) daily. I've been using it for more than a 2.5 years now and can't imagine my life without it. The sticks are light and stylish, and yet very sturdy and reliable. The handle is very comfortable, andTornado tips provide a very good grip on almost every surface ( except pure ice - if on pure ice, I am extremely careful). Rain, snow, sand, nature trails - you can walk with assurance and confidence. Around indoor swimming pool, where the floors are wet and smooth, I find that it is important to keep the tip completely flush to the floor (instead of under any angle) to avoid slips - and I am using it around the pool without issues, on my daily lane swims at YMCA. Great grip on snow too. I love the stylish look (I have them in black) - these sticks don't look medical at all. I have to replace the tip, after 2.5 years, because it's worn off on a side where I put my weight on, but that's due to my walking gait. The Tornado tip is excellent. It's made of very durable material, and at the same time it provides a very soft impact with each step, so you feel like you are on a spring. This is imprtant to me because of the hip pain. Ive dropped my stick countless times, on every immaginable surface. It lands on the cuff, but apart from some scratches on the side of the cuff, it's handled all the drops exceptionally well - no damage, no loose screws - excellent craftsmanship and engineering design! If you are considering buying the Explorer - do not hesitate for a moment. This is a high quality product, and is worth every penny you pay for it. I recommend it to anyone, especially if you have a serious problem with walknig and need stability, reliablity and confidence. I believe SideStix is the best crutch on the market and recommend it warmly. Thank you SideStix!
    Matt Tindall
    December 31, 2021
    Very happy with the product. Delivery was fast, instructions were straight forward. Far superior product to the hospital style forearm crutches. The tornado tips as well are very confidence building as they flex and mild to the ground as you step through. Superior grip and a weight that is not tiresome.
    Reuben Bass
    June 23, 2021
    I’m the PROUD OWNER of a set of SideStix Explorers. I am amazed with the fit, finish and light weight. Having used another brand of forearm crutches for 44+ years, and having been disappointed in some other brands I tried, I was somewhat skeptical of trying another different pair. Much to my surprise, my SideStix are my new bestest friend! From the Fingrips to the lightweight and the available accessories, these have made life on my arms and hands much more comfortable. I do continue to use my other sticks for specific things, where the universal grips are better suited for me. (Working under equipment) In a nutshell-“to me and others, SIDESTIX is the best extreme forearm crutches available “!
    David Martin
    March 11, 2021
    I love my SideStix! I got them to get me through a long recovery and save my hands/wrists while I did. So I got the explorers with the shock, to let me go hiking when my body was ready and my leg still needed help. They did a wonderful job!! by enabling me to get out and 'walk' and give my leg the support it needed, my recovery time ended up about half what we'd expected, and I did it without causing harm to any other parts of my body!
    Ipeleng Khunou
    February 9, 2021
    This is my second SideStix pair of crutches and they just never sees to amaze me. The Explorer are lighter compared to the Boundaries but they feel so stable. And even if they are not designed for running they still comfortable to use on a 10km run without feeling it too much on my shoulders. One thing I must say is also awesome is your post sale on your products as well as how easy it is get assistance from you all
    Amy Sugihara
    January 3, 2021
    Kerith and Sarah, thank you for creating SideStix! The Explorer are amazing crutches in every way. They're easy to assemble, beautiful, so comfortable, easy to use, and quiet. The first thing my family and I noticed was my posture- I could stand up straight again! That feels incredible. They give me steadiness, support, and greater ease of movement. Love the hand grips, love the tips, love the forearm pads, love the light weight. As important as the crutches themselves was the humanity and thoughtfulness I experienced during a phone call regarding my order. It was clear this is a company that "gets it" and puts that knowing into compassionate practice. Thank you!!!
    Jill Gorzkowska
    August 10, 2020
    I am loving my new Sidestix. The hand grips are so comfortable, the ferrules make me feel confident even when the ground is slippy and I am loving the silence! I never realised what a difference that would make to my morale.
    Dick Rapasky
    June 7, 2020
    My SideStixs are working for me much better than expected. Their conspicuous qualities are rigidity and lightness. Also size. Because of their rigidity I feel totally confident moving very quickly and putting high impact full weight on them. The lightness and compactness enables me to place them easily under seats at concerts, theater,etc. Two or three people have stopped me and asked about the crutches. Apparently long them forearm crutch users seem to sense a better device than the one they are using when they see it. The grip covers over the superbly shaped grips make longer distances easier than any crutch I’ve ever used. But the grip covers are beginning to wear out. I will soon order a new pair.
    Elizabeth Venman
    May 13, 2020
    When I first got my SideStix, it took me a while to figure out the appropriate height at which to set them. My mobility and pain varies from day to day, so I wanted the option to adjust the amount of weight I put on my hip depending on how I felt. As my hip has worsened over the last couple years and I've needed to use adaptive equipment again, I was frustrated by being in between the general adult or child sizing for most crutches. As it became apparent that continuing to use crutches could help me postpone a hip replacement, I began looking for lighter, more durable crutches. Even in the few short months of using poorly fitting crutches as an adult, I felt the beginning of repetitive stress injury in my shoulders and wrists. In contrast, when I received my SideStix and fiddled with the adjustable sizing, these compression pains disappeared. I also realized that I had never achieved an even gait on crutches as a kid, despite 5 years of use, likely due to the sizing issue. A lot of the bracing and compensation I had always associated with using crutches seems to be less with the SideStix. Because I like to hike, I chose the cork handgrips (which are great for the AZ heat - my hands sweating no longer means I lose my grip), the carbon fiber lower tubes and the leather cuff pads. I'm happy with all these choices. These crutches are by far the lightest and most agile I've ever used. The tips have good traction, and the adjustable c-clamps feel very secure when I'm using the sticks. The only feature I haven't really gotten used to yet is the pivoting cuffs. I chose the front opening cuffs, which feel very secure, but I continually forget that I can just lift up my forearms and the crutches wont fall off. (Probably just a holdover from so many years of having used crutches that didn't fit my body properly.) I wish I'd had access to something like this as a kid.
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