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The SideStix Rotating/Articulating Foot Assembly contains a ball & socket joint, which emulates the shoulder and ankle joint. As the tip is free to articulate & rotate, it helps to prevent fatigue & injury that can occur during long-term crutch use.

This assembly provides more freedom than a traditional crutch tip and requires routine maintenance.

A tip maintenance kit is included with the purchase of the Rotating/Articulating feet.



Rotating Feet Instructions DownloadRotating Feet Instructions


    August 16, 2021
    Amputee, been on (shitty) crutches for almost a decade. The rotating feet have been a pain in my ass that I gave up after some months. They were GREAT while they worked well. Moving around felt easier than I knew it could and my shoulders were instantly relieved, the rotating feet gave freedom and ease to crutch use beyond what I had imagined possible. But within weeks they started to squeak and stiffen. It got worse however attentively I followed the maintenance instructions and however often or seldom I did the maintenance, soon enough the material between the parts started getting scratches or wearing down and making sounds within hours after maintenance and I gave up. Now, I don't know if I unknowingly made some grave mistake or if I'm just inordinarily active but I don't think so. It was such a disappointment, both because I just wasn't prepared for the rotating feet's short life span but also because the gave me so much joy and hope when they worked well. It took me a while to accept that they wouldn't stay that way nor that it's economically viable for me to keep getting new ones. Worth their weight in gold if made more reliable, greatly hoping that day will come soon enough, my shoulders will long for rotating crutch feet for the rest of my life.
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