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Providing stability and traction on a variety of surfaces, the sandshoe is our most flexible attachment. Perfect for the beach, muddy root covered trails, or even crusty snow. The 4″ diameter Sandshoe is made of high quality aircraft aluminium and super-durable PVC coated polyester mesh. SideStix Ice Spindles included.



Sandshoe Assembly Instructions DownloadSandshoe Instructions


    Kelly Allen
    June 16, 2023
    First day using the sand shoes on the beach, and all I can say is a huge THANK YOU! These sidestix and the accessories have given me my life back. I was able to walk on the beach and hangout with the kids and search for ghost crabs and it was an amazing day! Could not have had such a wonderful time without your products. I’m so thankful.
    SANDSHOE ASSEMBLY photo review
    Lee Fairhurst
    April 28, 2021
    Thank you for coming up with this idea SideStix! Love them Use them on the beach and mud and through the woods I never slip and I can now follow the dogs up grass hills and anywhere they go.
    C Saunders
    February 17, 2021
    I've been avoiding beaches because of past experiences. It's no fun having to be carried across the sand because you can't navigate it by yourself. It became normal for me to stay on the perimeter of a beach while my family tried to enjoy the water and sand without me. Most times I didn't even bother going. I purchased my SideStix and Sandshoe Assembly before my first trip to Hawaii. I can't fully express the emotions I felt as I was able to cross the beach under my own power. My family was thrilled to have me join them in the fun. I didn't even mind all the sand I brought back in my shoes. Highly recommended.
    SANDSHOE ASSEMBLY photo review
    Darin Massicotte
    July 29, 2020
    What can I say? These are amazing. They allow me to get to the lake in one piece. So good.
    SANDSHOE ASSEMBLY photo review
    Aie Wakasugi
    July 17, 2020
    Ever since being a forearm crutches user from my childhood. Walking in the sand at the beach took quite a while. The crutch tips would sink into the sand so taking time to stop and pull them out of the sand before moving forward . Therefore, going to the beach was fun but at the same time it was quite awkward looking and tiring experience. However SideStixs has come up with an attachment of their own to help forearm crutches users move through sand without experiencing any of that awkward movement which cut out some of the fatigue which has made walking at the beach much more fun & efficient . I'm still trying to practice grasping the exact amount of turning I need from the allen key so that tighten the c-clamp on the lower tube completely so that the tip adapter or sandshoe or vise versa wont shorten down as completely I walk. Wishing that there was an easier way to slip the sandshoe in the lower tube and secure them at your appropriate height with a touch of a single button so you don't have to take allen key with you each time you need switch between the sandshoe and tip adapter. But aside from that again walking with these assembly on the beach was a revolutionary experience. Now I'll definitely enjoy going to the beach a whole lot more . Definitely recommend it for someone who takes trips out to the beach often!
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